Human Resources consultancies

The Human Resources consultancies:


The human resources department is specialized in every things that are concerned about human in organizations in searching about the human power resources and their classifications, trainings and preparing the convenient benefits which force them to spend all their energy inside the organization

· The Human Resources inside the organizations considered as the most important source for the organization and one of the most important asset of the organization’s assets. The organization can’t achieve its goals without these human resources. Actually the organization without person is just a group of building, machines, and tools only. The machines and the tools never create or make an organization, so it is important to take care of these resources and invest in developing their skills so they are able to achieve the organization’s goals and to cope the environmental changes that the organizations are facing them.

· For this reason, the human resources department is building a strategy and its function is attracting, selecting and employing, and its future practices inside the organization in an compatible way that works on achieving its strategy which works on achieving the organization’s general goals and highly determining appropriate kinds and numbers of labor that assure doing the activities in the best way and by the lowest cost. But the bad determining means the presence of many inconvenient workers in works and jobs which leads to work’s inconsistency and increasing in the labor’s cost more than it should be.