Any establishment or company can achieve its goals, if every person inside it did his own job with high efficiency. And for the workers to do this they actually need perfect training to determine the establishment’s needs, person’s need and selecting and designing the convenient training to achieve these needs.

· Getting to know the training needs show the human importance in developing the human resources. Only for the training importance as one of the basics in the organization’s human resources development, the organization will never work on establishing specialized departments for it and provide the financial and human elements to achieve its goals. We can clarify the training importance through these elements:

1-Improving the person’s performance by increasing its production and improving its quality by the lowest coast and effort in a very short time.

2- Accompanying the technological development, by spreading the modern machines usage, so the organizations should train their employers on how to use these machines.

3- Increasing the supervision needs.

4- Improving the organization’s services.